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The land you’re hoping for can quickly become the land you’re closing on.

While many banks require 35% or more up front as a down payment on financing bare land, Northview Bank sees it differently. We are your partners to help you own the land that’s perfect for your plans. Whether you’re eyeing land in the woods for hunting or four-wheeling or considering a lake lot to hold on to until its time to build your cabin, Northview Bank has flexible terms that make buying land possible.

Bare Land Loans

You know the scene: You’re driving in the back roads of Northern Minnesota and you see a sign that says “Land for Sale.” Your mind wanders as you dream of what could be.

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Lake Lot Loans

If you’re like many Minnesotans, your lakeshore dreams will start with a lake lot, which can be a secluded wilderness retreat, a family getaway where the kids can disappear for hours, or a place to get away from everything and fish. 

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Hunting Land Loans

Why buy hunting land? Those who own land where many memories of hunting together are built can answer this question with ease. It's a place to call our own, to make memories, and to pass on to future generations. 

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