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Hobby Farm Loans

It’s not always about the lake. Some people look for a ten, forty, or larger acreage retreat where they can do a little gardening, maybe raise some chickens, and build some stands to get the ultimate organic food - venison. 

Loans for Hobby Farms

Whether you're dreaming of retirement or a vacation hobby farm Northview Bank is here to help.

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Is There an Acreage Limit?

No. Northview Bank has been financing large tracts of land since its inception. A hobby farm is nothing more than land with structures. Many banks want you to carve out the home on ten acres for financing but we don’t have that stipulation. We simply look at the value of the land and buildings along with the credit, debt structure, and income of the borrower before making a loan. The resulting options may encompass long-term fixed rate secondary market mortgages or a shorter term in-house loan product. The resulting loan will vary mainly based upon the property. Often times larger farms may closely resemble an income-producing farm and at that point further documentation and proof of use will need to be produced. Ultimately the loan professionals at Northview Bank will walk you through the process and help you find the best lending product to fit your needs.

Your Hobby Farm’s Location

Hobby Farms exist all throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Northview bank is willing to lend in all of these areas, so whether you are looking in the beautiful bluff country of Fillmore County, MN, the lake country of Hayward, WI, or the Red River Valley we are ready to assist you with your Hobby Farm Dream.

Live Your Hobby Farm Dream

Northview Bank is here to help and encourage you with your dream of hobby farm ownership. To see if you qualify for a mortgage click here to get started.

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Traver Gahler

Vice President/Branch Manager

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Loan Officer

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Vice President - Loan Officer

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